Supporting the Alley Cats

The Yale Alley Cats Alumni Organization (YACAO) is a non-profit corporation established in 2013 to harness and channel the activities of over 400 living alumni in supporting a deeply beloved institution that was so central to our Yale experience – The Yale Alley Cats.

The YACAO provides administrative support and guidance to the undergraduate Alley Cats, in addition to managing an endowment that is primarily supported by alumni giving.  In the past two years, proceeds from the endowment were used to improve the group’s standing in the highly competitive Rush process, compile and produce a “Best of" album, upgrade the Alley Cat web site, support the production elements of the annual Champagne Jamboree, and engage an accountant to review the records and tax returns of the group. The YACAO also provides short-term loans to the undergraduates to enable advance purchases on upcoming tour travel and other financial needs.

Once a Cat, Always a Cat

All of the above contributed to two of the most successful rushes in years and to a substantial resurgence in the group’s prominence and reputation on campus. We hope to help the Alley Cats continue to build on that momentum. To that end, we have taken over the cost and hassle of annual tax filings and are facilitating “Master Class” rehearsals with a few of the great Alley Cat pitches of the past.

To continue our support without depleting our endowment funds, we need to maintain a pipeline of alumni giving. We hope you will click on the button below and join your fellow YAC alumni in supporting the Alley Cats and their seventy-four year history.

Note: All contributions to the YACAO are tax deductible.

If you would prefer to send your contribution in the mail, please send a check payable to Yale Alley Cats Alumni Organization, Inc., along with your phone number and email address, to:

The Yale Alley Cats
Attn: YAC Alumni Organization
PO Box 202057
New Haven, CT 06520