Ninth Live

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Ninth Live


A live album is always a unique insight into a group's raw sound, as concert-goers would hear in person. Ninth Live features live recordings from local concerts in New England in addition to our Summer 2004 tour of Europe.

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  1. Intro

  2. Sally in Our Alley/Muskrat Ramble

  3. Lullaby of Birdland

  4. Norwegian Wood

  5. Kaval Sviri

  6. Down for Double

  7. Comfortable

  8. Cloudburst

  9. This Masquerade

  10. My Romance

  11. New York State of Mind

  12. The Drifters Medley

  13. Just My Imagination

  14. Something in the Way She Moves

  15. The Football Medley

  16. Night & Day

  17. Is That the Way You Look?

  18. Take the ‘A’ Train

  19. The Thrill is Gone

  20. Noah

  21. The Scotsman

  22. Golden Slumbers

  23. Bridge Over Troubled Water

  24. Get Ready

  25. Coconut